Through working in the field of Education, Tadrees Holding is dedicated to building and offering superior educational resources and infrastructure to create the Educational environment in its schools to become the leading company in the field of Education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Tadrees own, build and operate a growing family of high performance learning institutions that support educational advancement at all stages including:
    - All Stages in Public Education (KG, Elementary, Intermediate and SecondaryStages). ยท
    - Professional Training Centers
    - Education Services Providers
    - Testing and Assessment
    - Test Preparation and Study Help
      Tadrees has been established by investors and education operators with a long history and track record of educational success in the Middle East and global markets. The company is also managed by an expert team that combines best local and international practices and talent, enabling us to deliver world-class, high quality education and training for our students. Tadrees works in partnership with leading global education brands and top tier local institutions. We also work under the supervision of The Saudi Ministry of Education and guarantee that our goals are consistent with the Educational Goals of Education in the Kingdom according to the Public Education Polices Document to ensure that our investments support the national development objectives in the Kingdom and overall regional development.