Our approach to investing focuses on the building, acquisition and management of educational facilities of the highest caliber. With each investment, we look to further extend the depth and breadth of our educational offering and to more fully and effectively meet the needs of the local markets by raising the bar in terms of quality and choice.
This includes the development of new facilities using best practices, the industry know-how of our team and their understanding of immediate gaps and demands within local and regional education markets. At the same time, we are continuously looking at and evaluating opportunities to acquire other high quality institutions with strong track records and foundations that can be further enhanced within our existing network. We approach each investment with an eye towards optimising the institutions we build or acquire both from an academic and operational perspective by levering the power of our network and the extensive experience and financial and human capital that exists within Tadrees.

Academically, we align all of our institutions and programsto international standards in order tomaximize student achievement and competitiveness. Tadrees also provides significant operational backing to portfolio companies. By capturing synergies, we are able to enhance efficiency and provide support across a range of areas. These include, but are not limited to, strategy and governance, human resources development and financial, facilities and infrastructure management. Also fundamental to our investment approach are the partnerships we develop. We team up where appropriate with private and public sector organizations to increase the value we provide to students and that of our investments. We work with leading international education operators and consultants that ensure we are always offering relevant, best of breed educational services that are in line with global peers. Importantly, we are also highly committed to partnering with local governments and education ministries. These relationships are critical to ensuring we are meeting market gaps and effectively helping to support the achievement of immediate and longer term national development objectives.